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ATTO-TEC - Fluorescent Labels and Dyes

Fluorescent Labels:
ATTO-TEC offers a new generation of patented fluorescent markers. They are designed to meet the requirements for molecular labels in the area of life sciences. ATTO-fluorescent dyes can be applied as fluorescent labels for a large variety of bio-molecules, i.e. proteins, nucleotides etc.

Fluorescence Quenchers:
offers a series of new quenching labels. They are designed to be used as efficient energy acceptors in FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) applications. The dyes are available as NHS-ester and maleimide and can be coupled to amino- or mercapto (thiol)-groups.

Fluorescent Dye-Labeled Phospholipids:
Fluorescent dye-labeled phospholipids are useful tools to stain and visualize biological membranes (lipid bilayers). ATTO-TEC offers a variety of ATTO-dye labeled glycero-phospholipids carrying one or two fatty acid groups (lipophilic groups) and a phosphate ester residue (hydrophilic group).


Customized Dyes:
Next to our catalogue products ATTO-TEC offers the service of customized labels and dyes. We design and synthesize dyes tailor-made to meet the requirements of your application at hand. Please contact us for further information.



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